Demo 0.4.0

DEMO 0.4.0

Hello everyone! As of today, there is a significant update of the demo in the stores for you to download. 
Please tell us what you think, and we hope you enjoy it :D

New mechanic: 

  • You now carry the pillar -enjoy


  • You can now use your mouse to control your camera and WASD to move!


  • Auto-Checkpoint indication improvement.

Better Tutorial explanation

  • A cinematic camera directs you to your target in the new areas
  • A flair indicates the target shrines to make the exploration more fun! (Now you know what you have to do)

Minor Upgrades

  • Use ESC to navigate freely in and out of the Game Menu. 
  • More ropes and less backtracking in Hephaestia.


  • 1 new Skill with a Mechanic that you'll get from the beginning of the game.
  • A new type of in-game collectible.
  • 2 New Mythological Bosses at the Cape of Cloe and Hephaestia.

After the insightful feedback we took from all the kind people who played the game for over two weeks, we took a great decision and went back to development. We have done a lot of reconstruction, removed a few things, and added a few new ones. 

It was not an easy decision to make, but we have a vision for our game. We want to give you joy while playing Go Heroes, and even though everyone was very kind in their review, we saw things that could be better, and we had to go back.

For all the above reasons, we are postponing the Kickstarter Campaign launch for June 29th.

We are not very good with words, and we delay in communication, but we promise we are working on that too!

Thank you so much for being here!

Vicky and Marinos


May 29, 2021


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